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Danger in Deep Lake Cover
Danger in Deep Lake


E book ISBN 978-0-9908375-2-7


Danger in Deep Lake, by Gloria Van, a cozy mystery spiced with a dash of romance and danger. Winner of International, and National awards!


Death in Deep Lake cover
Death in Deep Lake


Death in Deep Lake, 2nd in the Deep Lake cozy mystery series, by reader requests. A new and even more exciting adventure for McKenzie and Otis!


Cover Trouble in Deep lake


in Deep Lake


Trouble has come calling in Book 3 of the award-winning  Deep Lake series. McKenzie Ward is called back to New York City where trouble mounts and suspense grows.  

Capturing Your Story
Capturing Your Story



This interactive booklet includes hands-on activities and detailed information to guide readers past stumbling blocks in knowing how to start, as well as how to finish, writing their life stories or memoirs. Time surprises us by running out. Don't be too late, and learn now, how to capture memories in a document that will become a precious legacy to yourself and others.


Darkness in Paradise cover
Darkness in Paradise

ISBN-978-1-4808-1539-1 (sc), 978-1-4808-1540-7 (e)


Onno VanDemmeltraadt was born in the Dutch East Indies and was six years old when the Japanese occupation of World War II began. In Darkness in Paradise, author Gloria VanDemmeltraadt – Onno's wife – tells her husband’s story from the unique view of a young boy in the midst of darkness in his paradise.


Praise from Tom Brokaw about "Darkness in Paradise": "The writing truly made the experience come alive!"


Musing and Munching Book cover
Musing and Munching

ISBN-Hardcover: 978-1-4500-0144-1, ISBN-Softcover:  978-1-4500-0143-4

Musing and Munching  is a unique collection of memories and menus put together to share stories of my life. I've overlapped compelling experiences with a wide variety of foods and recipes that have followed my diverse life path.

Memories of Lake Elmo book cover
Memories of Lake Elmo



This collection of remembrances and recollections tells how the charming village of Lake Elmo, Minnesota, began and how it has evolved through the years. More importantly, it tells about the evolution through the memories and personal stories of the people who lived it – then and now.


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