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Additional Services

speaking to elders about Memories of Lake Elmo
Motivational Speaking


Gloria is an inspiring and motivational speaker, helping people expand and intensify their personal growth and spirituality, as well as teaching them how to capture their own life stories.  She speaks to church groups, book clubs, libraries, and historical societies. Her focus is on leading short workshops on “How to write a memoir,” and she has conducted these workshops in the Orlando, Florida area as well as in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and in western Wisconsin. She also speaks to groups on topics including personal growth, and spirituality, and is particularly adept at customizing the message for a particular group.




Spelling counts! In today's world, with texting and smart phones abbreviating and simplifying everyday communications, and schools focusing less and less on grammar and spelling, there is serious need for good proofreading.  Gloria is skilled and experienced in helping clients proofread documents. Projects include on-line publications; books, both novels and non-fiction; and personal correspondence. Prices are minimal and negotiable.

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