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Trouble in Deep Lake

Just out! Trouble in Deep Lake, by Gloria Van, third in the Award-Winning Deep Lake cozy mystery series. A new adventure for McKenzie Ward!

Small-town life in Deep Lake, Minnesota is disrupted once again. Trouble comes calling when McKenzie Ward is summoned back to New York City where she was a successful Commercial Realtor for many years. Trouble mounts and suspense grows as her struggles escalate. 

Cover Trouble in Deep lake


Another Prominent Award for "Danger in Deep Lake" just announced:

Independent Press Award (IPA)

announces their 2019 Distinguished Favorites

"Danger in Deep Lake" by Gloria Van has been recognized in the New Fiction (First Time Published) category for the 2019 Independent Press Award.

2018 Selections

 Just announced:
New Apple Literary Services:  "Danger in Deep Lake" is a 2018  Official Selection Winner!  

2019 Independent Press Award
New Apple award

 New Apple Literary Services:  Gloria is a 2017 Solo Medalist Winner  for her book, "Darkness in Paradise"  

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