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About Me

Gloria with dog

Award-Winning Author

My writing career began late in life after losing my husband of many years and remarrying another wonderful man. It was also after retirement from my day job and has become amazingly successful! I am now the Award-Winning Author of 9 books and am already working on number 10!


This exciting new career has brought me wonderful new friends and taught me dozens of new skills including speaking to audiences of as few as 2 and more than 100. I write life stories for hospice patients and others and even help people to write their own memoirs.  


I am thrilled to mention that my writing has been compared to that of Danielle Steel and Carla Cassidy, a special honor, and I've also been praised by Tom Brokaw! Most of all, I am grateful to readers who enjoy my stories, and I pray our rewarding relationships continue as long as I can press the keys of my computer! I am

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